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All our translations are performed by experienced translators who also have proven track records as writers. This means that they are attuned not just to the nuances of their native language but also to style, syntax and the imperative for accuracy.

In short, our translators - like our clientele - value the written word and recognise its importance in conveying information that is precise and eloquent.

It is relatively easy to translate - but to translate well requires a special set of skills... and that's our area of expertise par excellence: lucid, rigorous and meticulous translations by professional translator-writers.



The vast majority of the print and digital copy that we translate is intended for publication.

Accordingly, all our translations are designed to appeal to the highest standards of grammar, style and logic.

Enterprises big and small turn to Transeditions because they respect the depth of our academic background and our mastery of our native tongues.

Caring about Content

Transeditions has a "niche" system of operating:

We rarely accept the “rush jobs” that are the industry's staple diet;

Publication-quality translations are our sole area of expertise;

Out-sourcing and sub-contracting are anathema to us;

We do not have recourse to middlemen (or women);

Our translators do not hide behind project managers if something goes wrong!

Our approach is designed to cut costs and encourage one-to-one contact with our clients for a better quality of translation.


Transeditions translator

Native Translators

We only translate into our native languages (with the obvious exception of Latin, where a Cambridge University Ph.D. in Latin and Greek comes in handy!).

Yes, every translation agency makes the same claim: but the proof is in the pudding... which, as often as not, turns out to be inedible!

We know from our own experience that in France (for example) even the biggest translation companies do not employ native English speakers to translate into English. If you have read this far, then you have probably discovered the same thing!

Delivered on time

Business report for the Paris Police Authority | Article on the "big bang" for a French business journal | Bilingual website for a travel company based in Africa | Report on Coca-Cola France for an American journal

Office de Tourisme websites in London, Provence, the Loire and Brittany | Human resources documentation for one of the world's foremost shipping companies | Website content for Grenoble INP