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Translations for the print and digital media

Transeditions specialises in publication-ready translations in three principal language combinations: English, French and Spanish.

Our commissions are typically intended for publication in the print media, notably newspapers, journals and magazines, as well as in academic reviews and policy papers. Transeditions' work features equally prominently on commercial and non-commercial websites for a miscellany of high-end clients: museums, NGOs, international governmental organisations, tourist boards, marketing firms, universities and investment banks.

Intelligent marketing, advertising and recruitment campaigns form an integral part of Transeditions' weekly output alongside corporate brochures, company reports and annual reviews.

In short, Transeditions responds to requests from clients who value the written word - its capacity to educate, inform and impress - as much as we do!


Translators who know how to write

Transeditions' unique selling point is simple: every member of our team has a proven record of accomplishment both as a professional translator and as a published writer.

This means that our translators are attuned not just to linguistic accuracy but also to the nuances of language, style and syntax that often escape more run-of-the-mill translators.

It comes as no surprise, then, that so many authors, journalists, editors, academics, marketing directors and web managers turn to Transeditions to do justice to their written output.


  • A discerning clientele

    Transeditions translates on behalf of a clientele that recognises that style is as important as accuracy, and quality as fundamental as quantity.

  • Not a translation agency

    Translation agencies typically measure their success by the number of words they translate.

    We boast about the quality of our output - not the quantity.

    Transeditions is a consortium of independent translator-writers who work directly with clients (by Skype, email or phone).

    When you team up with Transeditions, there is no middleman (or woman!), and none of the documents entrusted to us is outsourced to an unknown third party on a distant continent.

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Recent commissions

  • Corporate

    Paris-based NGO

    For the past two years Transeditions has been mandated to translate the monthly review reports for a French NGO working in Africa in collaboration with UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


    Agence France Presse

    We translated a corporate information pack into English for Agence France Presse, the international news agency headquartered in Paris, to support their journalists as they prepared for the last Winter Olympics.



    One of our writer-translators was recently given the thumbs-up to translate a series of press articles on Coca-Cola appearing in the French daily Le Figaro on behalf of the American multinational's PR firm.


    NLE Accounting

    Transeditions designed, wrote and translated this French and English website in response to a commission from an international accountancy practice with offices in Paris and London.

  • Bilingual

    Travel Group

    Transeditions wrote and translated the content for this bilingual site (as well as the supporting publicity material and social media output) for a tour company operating out of North Africa.


    Business Magazines

    Recent book reviews translated by Transeditions range from Seth Godin's La Supercherie d'Icare (published by Diateino) to Michael Claessens' delightfully off-beat Petit Éloge de l'Incompétence (Quae).


    across all industries

    An array of press releases has kept us on our toes throughout 2015, from the opening of a new Japanese factory outside Paris to a stunning R&D breakthrough by a team of scientists from Geneva University.



    Transeditions has recently put the finishing touches to the company profile for a luxury hotel chain in the south of France and the annual report for one of the country's largest providers of renewable energy.