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  • FROM Courrier International

    In a matter of months, 7,000 Syrian nationals have found their way to Bulgaria, a country with little experience in dealing with such a large influx of refugees. The new arrivals have been abandoned by the Bulgarian authorities, and can only count on the goodwill of the local population. The French journal Courrier International reports on events...

  • FROM Le Monde

    Ebrahim Hamidi is eighteen and is going to die. Ebrahim's country, Iran, has found him guilty of an abominable crime: he is alleged to be homosexual. The charges are said to have been fabricated following a trivial quarrel; the accusations made up by fellow detainees in return for promises to be released; and Ebrahim's confession extracted under torture...

  • FROM Le Figaro

    It has needed years of hard work for Coca-Cola’s laboratories in Atlanta to develop a formula that combines sugar and stevia, with researchers facing a double constraint: how to substantially reduce the sugar content whilst ensuring that the flavour stays at its best...

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  • Publication-quality journalistic translations

    With clients including Agence France Presse, business magazines and academic journals, publication-quality translations have been our core métier since the year dot.

    We've recently delivered articles for publication bearing titles as diverse as "Behind the scenes at Pazflor: the world's largest oil platform", "Experiential Learning at the French Post Office" and "Managing the Process or Process-Driven Management?"

    Book reviews have ranged far and wide, from Seth Godin's La Supercherie d'Icare to Michael Claessens' Petit Éloge de l'Incompétence.

    Journalistic translations by professional writers

    All our journalistic translations are undertaken by experienced translators with a proven record of achievement both as professional translators and as published writers.

    This means that our translators, as well as being attuned to the imperative for accuracy, are also sensitive to the nuances of language, style and syntax.

    And our translator-writers are a versatile bunch, too, with the widest possible spectrum of expertise. If you need convincing, we can send you samples of their writing portfolios in subjects as diverse as the English Freud, crocodiles in the Sahara (yes!), the oil industry in Gabon and Malta's pre-historic temples. .. not to mention the FIFA World Cup, the outsider in American literature and depression in elite athletes…

    You can see some examples of our own academic and journalistic writing on the site hosted by Culturissima.

    For a thought-provoking review of the ins-and-outs of journalistic translation, we recommend the article Shifting readerships in journalistic translation.