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Transeditions translator

From international institutions to grassroots organisations

Our lead NGO translator at Transeditions worked in the charity sector for over twenty years as a director and trustee of a UK-based foundation.


  • Across Europe and Africa

    Transeditions specialises in delivering publication-quality translations in English, French and Spanish for non-government organisations, think-tanks, aid organisations and registered charities.

    Our talent for translating stretches from inspirational public campaigns to hard-hitting research via communication strategies and annual reports.

    Our clients include health services and academic institutions together with humanitarian assistance and disaster relief organisations as well as campaign groups and environmental charities.

    We have a particularly strong presence in Francophone Africa, including countries such as Algeria, Mauritania, Guinea and Cameroon.

and aid

  • Recent commissions

    Information letters for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Responsible mining project in the Congo

    Immunisation handbook for Mali and Mauritania

    Mobile technology in Uganda

    Monthly reports for a Paris-based NGO

    Review of the Millennium Development Goals

Delivered on time

Cost Analysis of Yellow Fever Campaigns in Africa | Annual brochure for a Paris-based NGO | Report on maintaining cold chain equipment in Africa

Review of "Can nudges help NHS employees act sustainably and deliver better care?" | National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) reports